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This  scholastic year Paola Primary B took part in a Tag-Rugby Tournament organised by the P.E. section during the month of December 2005.  It was a one day tournament and was held at the Marsa Sports Grounds. Mr Deguara took care of the school Rugby Team and accompanied the children for the tournament.

Children were chosen from Year 6C and Year 6D. The school rugby team had to made up of four boys and four girls. The following are the children who took part:

Dwain Caruana Elsian Meli
Joeler Abela Jurgen Slowe
Keith Warne Dylan Falzon
Matteo Gilio Yana Grech
Chonie Formosa Maria Mula
Celine Spiteri Mandy Caruana
Leanne Busutil Chanelle Dagostino

The School Rugby Team played on the 5th December 2005. They played against Qrendi, Hamrun G.P., Hamrun S.S., San Giljan, Marsascala, Msida. The team did quite well they won against Hamrun G.P., Msida and San Giljan and lost against Hamrun S.S., Marsascala and Pembroke.

This tournament was a really good experience for the children. Rugby is getting more and more popular amongst school children and also adults. The Malta Rugby Union choose some talented children during this tag-rugby tournament and encouraged them to start training rugby.

Tag-Rugby is very friendly game for school children. It is not a contact game and definitely not dangerous as one might think. It is played differently from the rugby we might have seen or watched on tv. The game is adapted for school children where one can use skills such as running, throwing and catching.

The Malta Rugby Union also provided rugby balls and tags for all the schools who took part in this tournament.

Well done for all the children who took part!!

Keep playing Rugby!!
Ms Y. Ebejer


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