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Basic School Rules

1.      Every student is expected to respect and promote the school ethos abiding by the regulations, thus rendering the school as a community of learners

2.     Students are to show great respect and hold in high esteem all teachers, with whom they should manifest a spirit of mutual trust and confidence and promote a sense of cooperation and teamwork.

3.     Students are to be honest and sincere towards each other, respect individual rights and property, be sensitive to one’s needs and tolerate differences.

4.     Every student is to attend school regularly, punctually and profitably, work cooperatively with classmates and participate actively in lessons.

5.     Everyone is expected to be exemplary in behavior and in the proper use of language.

6.     Bullying of any kind is strictly forbidden, and serious disciplinary measures will be applied to curb it.

7.     Students are to be self-responsible and creative, participate actively In school activities and have a share in the smooth running of the school.

8.     Nobody can leave the class room between lessons or leave the school premises without a written permission, while the use of toilets is limited to break-time only.

9.     Eating and/or drinking is only allowed in the school grounds, while chewing gum is prohibited in school.

10.   Students are not allowed to bring magazines, cassette-recorders, radios, mobile phones etc., these will be confiscated.

11.   Students are allowed to use the public telephone only if granted permission by the Assistant Head.

12.   Any damages to personal or school property have to be paid and serious disciplinary actions will be taken to curb acts of vandalism.

13.   Students are expected to wear the school uniform politely and regularly.

Tips to help you study

  • Set yourself targets or goals.

  • Give yourself deadlines but allow enough time.

  • Make a list of things you need to do and put them in order of importance.

  • Do not avoid the difficult tasks.

  • Do not work whilst the television is on.

  • Find yourself place to study that is quite and comfortable.

  • Organise your work so that you leave time for leisure.

  • When revising for a test or an exam use a variety of techniques/methods.

  • Always copy up work missed through absence.

  • Do not make the same mistake twice - learn from your mistakes.


Basic School Rules

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