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About the Primary Sector of the
ICT Learning Centre

Mission Statement

  • To promote full integration of Information and Communication Technology in primary school teaching as laid out in the National Minimum Curriculum.
  • To offer pedagogical and technical support to primary schools in the implementation of ICT throughout all aspects of the Curriculum.
  • To offer individual support and training to primary school teachers to integrate ICT in their professional development.
  • To ensure equal access of ICT and equal opportunities for the development of ICT capability for all students in primary schools.

The Staff

At present, the Primary Sector has a full complement of 16 ICT Peripatetic Teachers and 4 ICT Support Teachers, headed by an Education Officer (Primary ICT).


The roles of the ICT Peripatetic Teacher:
  • Organise demonstration lessons to class teachers in order to give practical examples of ICT implementation across all aspects of the Curriculum. Through these demonstration lessons Peripatetic Teachers will support class teachers in:
    i. Integrating software into their Schemes of Work;
    ii. Planning lessons involving the use of ICT;
    iii. Using software for their professional needs;
    iv. Updating their teaching approach and methodology.
  • Participate in school-based ICT-related projects by contributing work or acting as consultants.
  • Act as consultants for the creation and maintenance of the school web site.
  • Act as liaisons or contact persons during ICT-related twinning projects between schools in Malta and Gozo.
  • Act as consultants for ICT-related aspects in projects involving foreign schools (such as Comenius projects).
  • Assist in organising and delivering in-service and in-house courses for teachers.
  • Provide the first line of technical support.
Additional responsibilities to those listed above for Support Teachers include:
  • Support and facilitate Peripatetic Teachers in the planning and execution of their work.
  • Co-ordinate ICT-related inter-school activities and initiatives.
  • Contribute in the maintenance and updating of the Primary Sector website and resources.
  • Liaise with MITTS to ensure continuous and efficient technical support to all Primary schools.


The Primary Sector regularly embarks on a number of initiatives to promote proper and effective implementation of ICT across the Primary Curriculum. Most of these initiatives are ongoing, and include:
  • Staff Development In-School hands-on sessions: meeting each particular school's staff requirements by organising tailor-made ICT-related programmes.
  • Primary Sector website: offering online support to school administrators, teachers, students and parents.
  • Online Primary ThemePacks: online projects aimed to encourage, facilitate and inspire the use of ICT, e-mailing and the Internet across all the subjects of the Primary syllabus.
  • ComputerWise and other publications: a newsletter specifically addressing Primary-related ICT issues, freely distributed to teachers and student teachers; administrative and implementation policy reference documents for senior management teams; promotional brochures for parents.
  • Contribution in the summer and evening ICT courses regularly organised by the ICTLC.
  • Parents' ICT Awareness Programmes: promoting ICT awareness in general and ICT implementation in the Primary classrooms in particular, through the organisation of school-based talks and hands-on sessions at the ICT Learning Centre computer labs, for parents of children currently attending Primary schools.