On Thursday 4th May we went  on a historical fieldwork session to Mdina. It was a sunny day but in the morning we had a few drops of occasional rain. The journey from our school – St Joseph Junior Lyceum -  to Mdina took us about half an hour by coach.

As soon as we arrived, our teachers Mr Pace and Mr Micallef began to give us interesting explanations about the history of Mdina. The three statues on the main gate are those of St Publius, St Paul and St Agatha (see picture on left). In front of the Palazzo de Vilhena we saw a marble plaque commemorating six Maltese men who died during the Maltese Uprising against the French.

As we went along on the historical tour of Mdina, Mr Pace asked us to observe how all electricity wires have been put underground. Mdina today is much more attractive. In fact we saw many tourists going round Mdina.

Our teachers took us to the Cathedral Archives where we saw the Militia List of 1419. It is a list of Maltese males aged 16 to 65 years, eleigible fot Dejma service.  Then as it was raining we went into the Cathedral where Mr Micallef and Mr Pace gave us more information about Mdina. (Picture on left shows my classmates and myself sitting down at Mdina Cathedral listening to our teachers' explanations). Here we sat down and filled our fieldwork notes. I intend to use these notes to revise for my annual exams.

After a short break we visited the Cathedral Museum. There were plenty of old coins coming from the Roman Age and when we were under the English Rule. Mr Pace showed us two big armchairs that were used on special occasions by the Bishop of Malta in the old Cathedral which wsa destroyed by an earthquake in 1693.

Now comes the most exciting part of our outing which was the Treasure Hunt. We were divided into groups of three students each group. I was in team H and I was very happy to participate in the treasure hunt in this group. Our teachers gave us a list with all the instructions to follow. We had one and a half hours in which to complete our work. Unfortunately my team wasn’t the first team to complete his work. Mr Micallef will correct the answers.

We spent some time at the playground at Saqqajja Rabat. We had some snacks before finally our coach  arrived to take us back to our school.

It was a beautiful experience and I hope to have opportunities for other treasure hunts. Thanks to Mr Pace and mr Micallef my schoolmates and I enjoyed ourselves a lot. I learned a lot more in a different way about our old capital city of Malta – The Silent City.

Sean Zammit
Class 2E