An overview of a project about the lifecycle of butterflies together with suggestions and ideas for cross-curriculum activities

Compiled by Catherine Carabott


Project Aims

Teacher Resources

The Life Cycle

Project Activities

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Project Delivery and Activities

The project delivery is described step by step below. It is followed by the description of various cross curricular activities for the children. Each activity has a matching a Instruction Card for the children. The teacher's resources listed at the end of each activity are found and may be downloaded from the Teacher Resources page.


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Introduction of Project

The teacher introduces the topic of the project by writing the word Metamorphosis on the whiteboard. She explains that a butterfly is not born a small butterfly and then grows but it goes through 4 different stages before it becomes a butterfly. The teacher can divide the whiteboard into 2 sections: What we already know and What we would like to know. She asks the children what they already know about butterflies and writes it down. Then she can ask what they would like to know about butterflies e.g. What do they eat?, and write these down on the second side. We will try and get the information we do not know from the next step: the Power Point Presentation .

Power Point Presentation by the teacher

The teacher loads the presentation butterflies.ppt on her laptop so that the children can watch on the class monitor. The Presentation consists of 24 slides which show the life cycle of the butterfly, the body parts of both the caterpillar and the butterfly, how a butterfly spends his day, different types of butterflies and what can be done so that butterflies do not become extinct.

Note: During the life cycle slides, the teacher should give the Maltese words for the 4 stages: bajda, dudu tal-harir, fosdqa u farfett as these are needed in the cross–curricular activities in Maltese

The teacher should consult the notes included in the Power Point as these obviously contain additional information to that displayed on the slide and which she has to use during the delivery of the presentation.

Teacher’s Resources
Power Point Presentation 'butterflies.ppt'
Hard Copy of the Presentation in Notes Page View

Activities to be carried out by all the children (whole class activity)

The teacher makes sure that the instructional objectives are consolidated to ensure learning by using :

  1. the four big Posters showing the 4 stages of the life cycle. The names of the stages are repeated both in English and Maltese. The children are given Worksheet 1a. They are to write down the stages and then colour the picture
  2. the big butterfly Picture and the accompanying Flashcards with the names of the parts of the butterfly body. Again these parts and names are revised with the teacher asking the children to place the flashcards next to the correct body part on the whiteboard.
  3. The children are then given Worksheet 1b. They are to write in the body parts and then colour the butterfly.
  4. The children are each given Worksheet 1c to work out in pairs

Teacher’s Resources
4 Big Posters of the Life Cycle
1 Big Butterfly Picture
Flashcards with the names of the butterfly body parts.
Worksheets 1a
Worksheet 1b
Worksheet 1c.

Children's Activities

The teacher assigns the following activities to individual or groups of children. These consist of online activities on the class computers as well as table activities. Each activity has an Instruction card and may be supplemented with complimentary worksheets.

Activity 1-Create a chart on butterfly body parts

Description: Computer and Table Activity: Internet and Print Shop Premier 5 :2 children.

  1. The children use the Internet to find a picture of a butterfly with numbered parts.
  2. They open a Signs project on the Print Shop Premier 5.
  3. They copy the picture from the web site and paste it on the Print Shop page.
  4. They type in the body parts of the butterfly according to the numbers on the picture.
  5. They add a border and the title (headline) 'Butterfly Body Parts'
  6. They print the page in 4 sections to create a chart and then assemble it away from the computer.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 1.

Activity 2-Create a chart to show the Life Cycle

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet and Print Shop Premier 5: 2 children.

  1. The children use the Internet to find a pictures of the 4 stages of the life cycle.
  2. They print the pictures.
  3. They use the Print Shop Premier 5 to create and print a banner for the chart with the headline 'The Life Cycle of the Butterfly'
  4. Away from the computer they cut out the pictures, fix them onto a cardboard, add the text using crayons and then fix the banner at the top.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 2.

Activity 3-Play an online game to learn all about
the life cycle

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet and Worksheet: 2 children.

  1. The children access the site
    butterflies/index.html click on the link Life Cycle, then Stages and find out all about the lifecycle.
  2. On Worksheet 3, fill in Exercise 1 by listing the 4 stages of the butterfly cycle.
  3. Click the back button to go back to the Yokon Butterflies Lifecycle. Select
    Sequencing then click on Start to play the game Put the Life Cycle in Order.
  4. When you have checked your answers number in the correct sequence the matching printout in Exercise 2 on  Worksheet 3.
  5. Away from the computer they work out the complementary worksheet 'The Life Cycle of the Butterfly'.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 3 and Worksheet 3

Activity 4-Searching for Butterfly Facts

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet and Worksheet: 2 children.

  1. The children search the Internet for facts on butterflies at the site: and on the
    side menu click on Anatomy.
  2.  On Worksheet 4, they label all the parts of the butterfly.
  3. They go back to the website and click on the link All about Butterflies.
  4. They read the questions on the worksheet and look for answers on the website

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 4 and Worksheet 4.

Activity 5-Create a butterfly journal in caterpillar circles.

Description: Table Activity : 5 children.

  1. The children are given the printed  butterfly journal which contains a picture and a short description of each day in the cycle till it becomes a butterfly.
  2. Each child cuts out 2 pictures and 2 paragraphs to cover 2 days of the cycle.
  3. They are each given 2 circles from the printed caterpillar pattern.
  4. In each circle the children glue on a picture, write the number of the day at the top and underneath the picture rewrite the paragraph.
  5. When the children complete all the 10 circles, they fix them on to black cardboard in the right sequence to form the shape of a caterpillar.
  6. They add the head of the caterpillar, draw antennae and legs and then decorate all around with small coloured butterflies.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 5, Butterfly Journal  and the Caterpillar Pattern.

Activity 6:Kid Pix  Activities

Description: Computer Activity :Kid Pix Studio Deluxe: 2 children on each on-screen.

  1. The children work in pairs on each activity on the class computers.
  2. They open Kid Pix Studio, click on Open and then in the My Pix folder locate the folder Butterflies.
    There are 8 activities: 4 in Maltese(farfet01, farfet01,farfet03 and farfet 04) and 4 in English (flutter.bmp, bodyparts.bmp, Match.bmp and Stages.bmp. The ones in Maltese are by Ms A. Ferrante.
  3. The children work out, save and print out each activity.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 6 and the Kid Pix Activities.

Activity 7-Poems and Songs

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet and Print Shop Premier 5: 5children.

  1. Three children of this group take turns to read the poems in the book 'Butterfly and Caterpillar Songs and Poems' . These have been downloaded from the CanTeach website at:
  2. Each one of them chooses the poem or song they like best and rewrite it on Worksheet 7. They can decorate the worksheet by drawing butterflies, caterpillars, leaves and flowers.
  3. The two other children of the group work on the computer. They type in this address in Internet Explorer and read the poems on line at :
  4. Each of them chooses a poem they like best and write it on their notebooks.
  5. They use the Print Shop Premier 5 and the Signs Projects to rewrite the poem using the text tool, insert pictures of butterflies and caterpillars from the library and add a border and a headline.
  6. They save and print the poems.

Teacher Resources: Instruction 7, Worksheet 7 and the book 'Butterfly and Caterpillar Songs and Poems'.

Activity 8-Create a booklet on the Butterflies of the Maltese Islands

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet : 7 children.

  1. Each child takes 3 posters which show a butterfly which can be found in Malta and its name in Latin. The name in English and in Maltese is missing on the poster.
  2. The children follow the instructions on the card and take turns to search on the Internet to identify the butterfly and find out its name in English and Maltese.
  3. They write in the names. When all the posters have been completed they compile them  into a booklet, by punching the pages and using a treasury tag or ribbon to hold together. Do not forget the book cover.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 8, Butterfly Posters 1-21 and Book Cover.

Activity 9-Read A Story

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet Explorer-3 children.

  1. The children follow the instructions to access the site below to read the online story Beebie and the Caterpillar:

  1. The children go back to their desks with a different worksheet from the set Worksheets 9a, 9b, 9c to answer questions about the story.

Teacher Resources:  Instruction Card 9 and
Worksheets 9a
Worksheets 9b
Worksheets 9c.

Activity 10-Read another Story

Description: Computer and Table Activity :Internet: 3 children.

  1. The children follow the instructions to access the site:
  2. The children read the story 'The tale of Christopher Caterpillar and Sammy Snail' online and then go back to their tables to work out Worksheet 10 and answer questions about the story.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 10 and Worksheet 10

Activity 11-Butterfly Workbook

Description: Table Activity : 6 children.

  1. The children are each given a page of the workbook. This workbook contains short paragraphs on butterflies together with a set of questions and a fill in the blanks exercise, word unscramble, word search, crossword and a colouring page.
  2. When the children finish all the pages, colour the book cover, punch the pages and then use a treasury tag or ribbon to hold the workbook together.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 11 and The Children's free Butterfly Workbook to be downloaded from

Activity 12-Booklet of the Life Cycle

Description: Table Activity :Internet: 4 children.

  1. The children are each given a page of the booklet which is in the shape of a butterfly. Each page shows one of the four stages of the life cycle.
  2. The children have to write which stage of the cycle the picture shows, colour the picture and write in the information underneath it
  3. They cut out the booklet along the butterfly outline.
  4. They colour the booklet cover and assemble the booklet by punching the sides of the pages and then use a treasury tag or ribbon to hold together.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 12 and the Booklet of the Life Cycle (Pages 1-4 and Cover)

Activity 13-Worksheets

Description:  Table Activity

  1. The children work individually or in groups on various worksheets.

Worksheets butterfly 01,02,03 and 04 are in Maltese. Worksheet butterfly 04 consists of 4 pages which are assembled into a mini booklet. These worksheets are by Ms A. Ferrante and are on the Resources page of the ICT Primary website.

Worksheets 2, 5, 6 and 8 consist of colouring by code, connecting the dots, Hunt for Butterfly Words and a Butterfly Wordsearch.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 13 and
Worksheet 01
Worksheet 02
Worksheet 03
Worksheet 04
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 5
Worksheet 6
Worksheet 8

Activity 14-Butterfly Crafts

Description:  Table Activities: Groups of children

  1. The teacher divides the class into different groups assigning a different craft to each.
  2. The teacher has all the instructions for each craft on the Handouts which contain step by step instructions adapted from the Internet. The teacher should carefully read each instruction handout beforehand so that the materials and accessories needed are available.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 14 and Butterfly Craft Handouts 1-6

Activity 15-Printing Butterfly Bookmarks

Description:  Computer and Table Activity :Internet and Print Shop Premier: 2 children

  1. The children downloads the bookmarks from the Resources page and stores them on the class computers.
  2. The children use the Print Shop Premier 5 to edit these bookmarks by adding the school and class name and the date.
  3. They save and print out the bookmarks.
  4. Away from the computers, they cut out the bookmarks and glue each matching bookmark back and front.
  5. Place all 4 bookmarks together and use a laminating machine to cover in plastic.
  6. Cut out each bookmark.

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 15 and Butterfly Bookmarks 1- 4.

Activity 16-Online Games

Description:  Computer Activities: Children work in pairs.

The children choose an address from the Instruction card, type it in and play an online butterfly game. The teacher can store these addresses beforehand in the Favourites menu of the Internet Explorer to facilitate the children's access to these sites and avoid any dangers of misspelt addresses.

1. Match the Butterflies

2. Online Wordsearch

3. Butterfly Slide Puzzle

4. Find the hidden words

5. Play Tic Tac Toe

6. Online Crossword

7. Online Wordsearch

8.Match the Butterfly Parts

Teacher Resources: Instruction Card 16