Imbuljuta tal-Qastan


Imbuljuta is the traditional Maltese drink served after midnight mass or on New Year’s Eve, filling the air with a spicy aroma of chocolate and citrus.


Ingredients     250g dried chestnuts

                        1 tablespoon cocoa powderImbuljuta

                        2-3 tablespoons sugar

                        Grated rind of 1 tangerine

                        ¼ tablespoon mixed spice

                        12 whole gloves

                        500 ml water

                        50g dark chocolate (optional)


Method           (1) Soak the chestnuts overnight

                        (2) Take off any remaining peel

                        (3) Put the chestnuts in a pot and add all the ingredients

                        (4) Cover with water

(5) Leave to boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 45 mins or until the chestnuts are tender. If necessary add some boiling water.